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Robots - Current State of Use and Production - December 2013

Google plus post  by Koen De Paus

yesterday (21 December 2013 we saw NASAs Valkyrie and many other bots compete at the DARPA Robotics Challenge! The challenge was a phenomenal success and was won by SCHAFT, which you can see in action in the video given in the above Google+ post.

In 2011, there are 1.15 million industrial robots.
Sale in 2012 160,000 industrial robots
Robotics industry : Market value$8.7 billion + $26 billion software, service and peripherals
View the presentation

> Apple, Amazon & Google getting into robotics
> Google adds to its menagerie of robots
> Boston Dynamic showcase
> Meet the DRC teams
> DRC trials wrap-up
> Matternet's package delivery drones
> Amazon Testing Drone Delivery System
> Gaia Space Telescope Soon to Map the Milky Way [HD]
> Swarm; orbiting magnetism to light converter maps earths magnetic field
> China's Jade Rabbit Moon rover sends back first photos
> Astronaut chats with Kirobo
> Robot dragonfly DelFly Explorer flies autonomously 
> NASA Unveils Valkyrie
> Robonaut Legs In Motion
> The Cubli: a cube that can jump up, balance, and 'walk'
> BBC/NHK docu; Robot Revolution, will machines surpass humans (2013-05-04) Full HD 1080P

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CNC Machines - 2012

The complete nano control enables all processing in
nanometers, from NC operation to servo processing.
This advanced machining control technology supports
next-generation ultra-precision machining.

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Heavy Duty Presses

Since its establishment in 1948, Chin Fong Machine Industrial Co., Ltd., the largest maker of mechanical power presses in Taiwan, has developed a reputation for innovative R&D capability.

Chin Fong’s product portfolio includes servo presses, straight side presses, C-type presses, transfer presses, automated tandem press lines and heavy stamping presses along with a range of associated automation.

Since 2011, Chin Fong has released four new press models:
■ The new single point servo presses in the iLS/DLS series ranging from 80~300 tons
■ The compound link LF1 series for sheet metal forming and KW1/KW2 series for stamping-forging
composite processes
■ The knuckle joint long stroke KL1/KL2 cold forging presses ranging from 630 tons to 2500 tons
■ Warm-hot forging WF1 and WF2 series ranging from 400 tons up to 3000 tons.
The straight-sided, double point servo SDS series (from 400 up to 1000 tons) is due to debut in November 2012.

Sutherland Presses

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Toyota Motors - Research and Development and Product Initiatives - 2013

Toyota and Lexus,  have 12 hybrid models here in the U.S., that’s helped us sell more than two million hybrid vehicles in this country, 70% of the hybrid market, and over five million hybrids worldwide.

As a result of our hybrids alone... approximately 34 million tons of CO2 emissions have been kept out of the air…and consumers have saved a lot of money at gas pumps.

Currently, the entire industry features 51 hybrids, 14 clean diesels and 11 electric vehicles.

automakers are collaborating daily with engineers, regulators and research institutions to offer more models with higher miles-per-gallon ratings, more hybrid and electric models, and developing plans to quickly increase their lineups of fuel efficient and sustainable vehicles.

In USA, 8 million workers and their families depend on the auto industry.  Each year, the industry generates 500-Billion Dollars in paychecks, and 70- Billion in tax revenues. (Source: "Auto Jobs & Economics" section).

In 2011, automakers increased their R&D expenditures 15 percent, to 97-Billion Dollars. (Source: "Auto Innovation" section).

 Toyota spends on average One-Million Dollars per hour on R & D

 the auto industry isworking for the continued development of “high-level assist technologies.”

These technologies actively manage the vehicle and help create a safer travel experience for drivers, passengers and pedestrians…and many have been around for a while.

Some of the first driver assist technologies include cruise control, anti-lock brakes and stability and traction control.

More recent features include:

Sensors to detect pedestrians
Radar to measure the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you
“Lane Keep Assist,” to help prevent drivers from straying from their lane

Even vehicles that can park themselves... with some help from its human occupant.


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Engineering--An Endless Frontier - Book Information

Engineering--An Endless Frontier

Sunny Y. AUYANG, Sunny Y Auyang
Harvard University Press, 30-Jun-2009 - Technology & Engineering - 344 pages

Genetic engineering, nanotechnology, astrophysics, particle physics: We live in an engineered world, one where the distinctions between science and engineering, technology and research, are fast disappearing. This book shows how, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, the goals of natural scientists--to discover what was not known--and that of engineers--to create what did not exist--are undergoing an unprecedented convergence.

Sunny Y. Auyang ranges widely in demonstrating that engineering today is not only a collaborator with science but its equal. In concise accounts of the emergence of industrial laboratories and chemical and electrical engineering, and in whirlwind histories of the machine tools and automobile industries and the rise of nuclear energy and information technology, her book presents a broad picture of modern engineering: its history, structure, technological achievements, and social responsibilities; its relation to natural science, business administration, and public policies. Auyang uses case studies such as the development of the F-117A Nighthawk and Boeing 777 aircraft, as well as the experiences of engineer-scientists such as Oliver Heaviside, engineer-entrepreneurs such as Henry Ford and Bill Gates, and engineer-managers such as Alfred Sloan and Jack Welch to give readers a clear sense of engineering's essential role in the future of scientific research.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2 . Technology Takes Off
2.1 From Practical Art to Technology
2.2 Construction Becomes Mathematical
2.3 Experimenting with Machines
2.4 Science and Chemical Industries
2.5 Power and Communication

3. Engineering for Information
3.1 From Microelectronics to Nanotechnology
3.2 Computer Hardware and Software
3.3 Wireless, Satellites, and the Internet

4. Engineering in Society
4.1 Social Ascent and Images of Engineers
4.2 Partnership in Research and Development
4.3 Contributions to Sectors of the Economy

5. Innovation by Design
5.1 Inventive Thinking in Negative Feedback
5.2 Design Processes in Systems Engineering
5.3 “Working Together� in Aircraft Development
5.4 From Onboard Computers to Door Hinges

6. Sciences of Useful Systems
6.1 Mathematics in Engineering and Science
6.2 Information and Control Theories
6.3 Wind Tunnels and Internet Simulation
6.4 Integrative Materials Engineering
6.5 Biological Engineering Frontiers

7. Leaders Who Are Engineers
7.1 Business Leaders in the Car Industry
7.2 Public Policies and Nuclear Power
7.3 Managing Technological Risks

Appendix A. Statistical Profiles of Engineers
Appendix B. U.S. Research and Development

Google Book Link

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Engineering and Technology Bulletin Board - 2013  - Engineering Times  - Engineering Industry News - Automotive Industry News - Videos on - Engineering and Management News -  -  Ship Technology -

1 October

Details of New Ship Project - STREAM 5000 LNG Container Vessel

15 September 2013
Engineers' Day Celebration in India

World's Largest Solar Powered Boat

Virgin Galactic Completes Second VSS Enterprise Rocket Test Flight

On Sept. 5,  SpaceShipTwo achieved supersonic flight hitting mach 1.43 during its climb from its release point at 42,000 feet to 69,000 feet (21 km) over the Mojave Desert. In addition to achieving the highest altitude and greatest speed to date, the test flight demonstrated the vehicle's full technical mission profile in a single flight for the first time ... All of the test objectives were successfully completed.

Researchers Improve Solar Capture with Materials that Enhance Scattering of Light

7 September 2013

Boeing 787 - Engineering Achievement 2013
BMW i3 - Latest Commercialised Engineering Achievement - 2013
World's Biggest Ship in 2013 - The Triple E Class

Japanese Maglev Train Begins Full Speed Testing at 310 mph (500+ kmph)
Also see China's 500+ kmph unveiled in 2011

Future of Factory Automation


Baxter Robots


Hyperloop - New Transportation Technology

6 August 2013

Open Source Hardware

Snap-on Industrial Announces Launch of the Revolutionary C-Tech Industrial Torque Wrench at SPE Offshore

5 August 2013

 Nanotechnology to produce thin films with special quantum effects.

In traditional semiconductor cells, such as polycrystalline silicon solar cells a single photon can only excite a single exciton.  Typically photons from our sun have more than twice the amount of energy needed to excite one electron, so in these materials after excitation this extra energy is lost.  Thus the maximum theoretical efficiency of traditional thin film cells is around 45 percent.

Nanotechnology can be used to produce thin films with special quantum effects. One major research push is to work on the exciton generation, in so-called "excitonic solar cells" such as quantum-dot based dye-sentized solar cells (DSSCs) and other new/exotic material cells.  The goal here is  to find materials that create multiple excitons from a single photon, a phenomena known as MEG (multiple-exciton generation).  The LLNL  work (study) made layers of ordered nanopillars about 50 nanometers in width and between 250 and 1400 nanometers (1.4 µm) in height.  Nanowire thin films of gold, aluminum, and silver were tested. The study indicated that taller nanowires perform the best.  And surprisingly the aluminum -- while more reflective (88% avg. reflection) than gold (74%) in unpatterned flat films -- performs the best in black metal films, covering the broadest array of spectrum including the entire visible range.

29 July 2013
BMW Officially Announces $41,350 USD All-Electric i3
BMW announced today that the electric i3 will go on sale in the U.S. during the second quarter of 2014.

World's Biggest Ship in 2013 - The Triple E Class

The world’s largest container vessel – the Triple-E class - with a capacity of 18,000 twenty-foot containers (TEU) is being built at Koreas Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. for A.P. MOLLER - MAERSK.

The ship is four-hundred metres long, 59 metres wide and 73 metres high. The shipping line ordered  20 new vessels and they will be deployed on the  Asia to Europe trade.

The Triple-E refers to the three main purposes behind the creation — Economy of scale, Energy efficiency and Environmental efficiency.

The Triple-E at a glance:

The Triple-E will emit 20% less CO2 per container moved compared to the Emma Maersk, currently the world’s largest container vessel, and 50% less than the industry average on the Asia-Europe trade lane.

The vessels will be equipped with a waste heat recovery system, saving up to 10% of main engine power. This equals the average annual electricity consumption of 5,000 European households.

Triple-E vessels travel 184 kilometres using 1 kWh of energy per ton of cargo, whereas a jumbo jet travels half a kilometre using the same amount of energy per ton of cargo.

Since this is a container ship the easiest way to look at performance is by individual container cost. The fuel consumed per container will be about one third as much as the average ship working currently on Asia - Europe routes.

The first 10 vessels will be delivered during 2013 - 2014, with the remaining scheduled for delivery in 2015.

The first ship was delivered and was named 'Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller'

How the economy and efficiency are being achieved

When a ship is built larger the interior volume obviously increases but the portion of the hull exposed to the most friction grows much less.

The friction that causes drag in the water is mostly confined to the bow and stern transitions. Increasing length contributes little to the overall drag of a hull.

Hull shape is also a major contributor to the design. The Maersk Triple-E uses a bulbous bow like most modern ships. This protruding bow below the waterline produces a lower pressure cone of water that allows the ship to slide trough the water with much less resistance.

Maiden Voyage Event Shanghai

The Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller left on its maiden voyage from Busan on July 15, calling at Shanghai’s Yanshan Port, the largest in the world, then proceeding south to Ningbo, Yantian, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia’s Tanjung Pelepas. On Aug. 9 it passed through the Suez Canal, and a week later it arrived in Rotterdam



Engineering Achievements of the Triple E Ship

Designing it - Part 1  (More details in the site)

Designing it - Part 2

Contribution of Siemens

Each of the ship’s 31 pre-fabricated mega-sections were lifted by a giant scissor lift crane then dropped into the dry dock and neatly aligned to within four millimeters of the adjacent block.

A difference in point of view about a facility - Value Engineering Implication

A dispute over what sort of glass to install along the bridge wings dragged on for two weeks. Unlike on most container ships, where the walkways on either side of the pilothouse are open to the elements, the Triple-E’s were to be enclosed. Pointing out that international standards required a “clear view” from the bridge, Maersk insisted that the glass in those wing windows be heated, with windshield wipers, as it was for the pilothouse. But DSME argued that heated glass and wipers, while clearly required for the pilothouse, were unnecessary on the bridge wings, and that “clear view” simply meant “window.” At stake was $100,000 in costs.

The companies appealed to the American Bureau of Shipping, an international classification society, which was unable to resolve the dispute. Eventually they reached a compromise: a mix of heated and unheated panes on each bridge wing; some with wipers.

Freight Costs Information

A year ago, according to the British shipping consultancy Drewry, it cost $2,900 to ship a container from Hong Kong to Los Angeles. Since then rates have dropped by a third (Sep 2013)

May 16 2013
A rate war has erupted in the Asia-Europe rote, which has forced rates down below the US$1,000 per TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) level, as operators fight for market share.
Ships are now sailing at a loss – a container can be shipped between Shanghai and Rotterdam for just US$740.

 A 100,000-horsepower engine such as the one in Maersk’s 15,500-TEU E-class—until now the biggest ships in the world—burns 33,000 gallons a day. Fuel costs for a one-way trip from Rotterdam to Shanghai can easily reach $2.5 million.

The Triple-E’s capacity is 18,000 TEU. Practically speaking, a Triple-E, in one trip, could take more than 182 million iPads or 111 million pairs of shoes from Shanghai to Rotterdam. Such a trip would take 25 days and burn 530,000 gallons of fuel. That comes to 0.003 gallons per iPad. If one take $1000 per container as freight, in one full loaded trip, the ship will $18 million. The fuel cost will be $4.2 million. Each container will carry 10,000 ipads and that means per ipad the tranportation cost will be $0.1.

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Suzuki Swift/Dzire

sold 511,235 cars in 2012

The car first started selling in Japan in 2000. Prior to being called Swift, it was sold as Suzuki Cultus in many export markets.

Swift Dzire, launched in India in 2008, came in as a replacement of Maruti Esteem.

Worlds Best Selling cars 2012

Rediff Busienss slide show

Toyota Corolla  1,054,000
Ford Focus
Toyota Prius/Aqua
Hyundai Elantra
Toyota Camry
Ford F-Series
Chevrolet/Holden Cruze
Volkswagen Jetta
Ford Fiesta
Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Polo
Toyota Yaris/Vitz/Vios
Volkswagen Passat
Nissan Tiida/Versa
Hyundai Accent
Honda Civic

Toyota Hilux
18 Honda CR-V

19. Opel Astra/Buick Excelle
20. Suzuki Swift/Dzire 511,235
Opel chevrolet corsa classic

Hyundai Sona y a

23 Chevrolet silverado

24 Honda Fit

25 Hyu mm dai Ix35

26 Honda Accord

27 Kia Rio

28 Chevrolet Avio

29 Toyota Rav14

30 Renault Clio  439565

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Frugal Engineering and Innovation - Research Papers


Open Global Innovation Networks as Enablers of Frugal Innovation: Propositions Based on Evidence from India
Rajnish Tiwari
Cornelius Herstatt
December 2012
Working Paper No. 72
Hamburg University of Technology
Schwarzenbergstr. 95, D-21073 Hamburg, Germany
Brief Summary of the Paper
Enablers of Frugal Innovation: Propositions - Rajnish Tiwari and Cornelius Herstatt - 2012 Working Paper

India: A Lead Market for Frugal Innovation: Extending the Lead Market Theory to Emerging Economies
Rajnish Tiwary and Cornelius Herstatt
January 2012, working paper

Disruptive Innovation in emerging Markets: Strategies Used in India and China
January 2012 NUS, Singapore Working Paper

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Frugal Engineering - Case Studies

Frugal Engineering Main Article - Frugal Engineering - Concept, Bibliography, Case Studies and Research Papers


Volvo-Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV) - India- Engine Plant - Five-year frugal engineering now goes global , August 2013.
Nearly 25 per cent cost reduction when compared to that in Europe.


Frugal Innovations by Social Entrepreneurs in India - Serco - 2012 Report

Frugal Engineering - Concept, Bibliography, Case Studies and Research Papers

Frugal Engineering - The Theme for Engineers' Day 2013 in India.

Frugal Engineering is the theme for Engineers' Day 2013 in India. The theme was declared by Institution of Engineers India. Hope Indian Engineers know about Frugal Engineering in course of the year and implement it in  economically efficient design of products and processes

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, famously coined the term “frugal engineering” in 2006. He was impressed by Indian engineers’ ability to innovate cost-effectively and quickly under severe resource constraints. Any engineering methodology emerged out of this like value engineering that emerged from L.D. Miles?

And under Ghosn’s leadership , Renault-Nissan has proactively embraced frugal engineering and become one of the world’s leading producers of both electric cars as well as low-cost vehicles — two of the fastest growing and most promising market segments in the global automotive sector.

What is Frugal Engineering?

Frugal Engineering is the philosophy, approach and process of solving a deep-rooted problem in an innovative yet cost effective manner. The game changing aspect of Frugal Engineering is in the net cost impact for the customer. An optimally frugal engineered solution can be defined as:

Focused in solving the central problem with great effect

No frills and fancies

Based on and deriving from existing solutions

Solution attributes combining uniquely with a high degree of innovation

The primary critical success factor in Frugal Engineering is the uninhibited ability to define a seemingly impossible or even ridiculous target. This requires blanket support by top management. Another critical success factor  is the courage to question set processes, HR Automation norms and status quo.

India is fast becoming the global headquarters for Frugal Innovation and Frugal Engineering. Frugal Engineering is core to TenXLabs ethos and permeates across all disciplines.

Six Underlying Principles of Pillars of Frugal Engineering

Nirmalya Kumar and Phanish Puranam

1. Robustness: For India, products have to be more robust because the environment is harsh and huge variations occur in operating conditions.
2. Portabilility: Transportation also occurs in harsh conditions and roads are poor especially in rural areas, so products have to designed and packaged to withstand harsh transportation conditions.
3. Defeaturing: Defeaturing is feature rationalization. The market cannot buy feature rich and costly products. Designers have to understand the price points at which the product would be sold in adequate numbers and design the product by questioning every feature that is present in product selling in developed countries. A cost-conscious design-to-cost philosophy has to be used.
4. Leapfrog Technology: Still India needs latest technology and companies should not think in terms of old and obsolete technologies. They have to use modern technology to create low cost products that work without the infrastructure present in developed countries.
5. Megascale Production:  Megascale production is possible in India provided the firms understand the scale economies properly and estimate costs. Many activities can be done at much lower costs in India due to one billion + consumers.
6. Service Eco-System: Create product differentiation using services also apart from the product. Financing is one such service. Find out the needs of potential buyers and arrange differentiated services for them.

Frugal Engineering - A Radical Rethinking of Product Development

From (Booz & Company)

Frugal engineering requires “clean sheet” approach to product development and it is simply not cost cutting from existing products made for the developed world. Cost discipline is an intrinsic part of the process, but rather than simply focusing on  cutting existing costs, frugal engineering has to avoid needless costs also in the redesign of the product.  It recognizes that merely removing features from existing products to sell them cheaper in emerging markets will be a losing strategy.  That’s because emerging-market customers have unique needs that usually aren’t addressed by mature-market products, and also because the cost base of developed world products, even when stripped down, remains too high to allow competitive prices and reasonable profits in the developing world. So stripped down products from developed markets are neither effective nor price-efficient for developing markets.

The target market for frugal engineering is the billions of consumers at the bottom of the pyramid who are quickly moving out of poverty in China, India, Brazil, and other emerging nations. They are shopping for the basics at prices they can pay . According to C.K. Prahalad, author of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid (Wharton School Publishing, 2005), this target market is “unserved or underserved by the large organized domestic private sector and multinational firms.” The size of market is  4 to 5 billion people of the 7 billion people on Earth.  Although the purchasing power of a consumer in this market is low,  in aggregate this  market is nearly as large as that of the developed world. Hence by not serving this market, the business sector  is ignoring a very big business opportunity.

The central tenet behind frugal engineering is maximizing value to the customer while minimizing nonessential costs. The term frugal engineering was coined in 2006 by Renault Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn to describe the competency of Indian engineers in developing products like Tata Motors’ Nano. There may be no better example of frugal engineering than the Nano, The Nano is not  a stripped-down version of a traditional, more expensive car design. It is based on a bottom-up approach to product development and totally a new product.

A successful approach to frugal engineering involves new ways of thinking about customers, innovation, and organization.

Initiatives in Frugal Engineering

Understanding the Customer

The ultimate goal of frugal engineering is to provide the essential functions people need at a price they can afford. Critical attention to low cost is always accompanied by a commitment to maximizing customer value. Assessment of the required  trade-offs requires close, careful observation on the part of marketers and designers if they are to arrive at a deep understanding of the ways a product fits (or doesn’t fit) into bottom of the pyramid customers’ lives.

Bottom-up Innovation

Bottom-up innovation is a  value engineering technique. Value engineering recommends that a function is selected and a low cost implementation of the function anywhere in any technical system is to be located. Then redesign of a component, feature or subassembly or even the product starts from that lowest cost solution.

When Tata Motors engineers began creating the Nano, they were inspired by the three-wheeled vehicles known in India as auto-rickshaws than by any existing car models in Tata Motors’ lineup. Building up from the bare minimum enabled the engineers to achieve their cost (and price) targets without compromising the essential functions of the car. Instead, if the Tata Nano had been designed on the platform of evem the cheapest Tata car, it would have been twice the price. Thus Tata Motors used the value engineering approach to desing Nano. In frugal engineering value engineering is an important component. Value engineering technique of blast, create and refine provide a great redesign opportunity to reduce cost without reducing performance. For example, if you asked designers to come up with a low-cost wiper system for cars, it’s unlikely they would challenge the fundamental architecture of two wiper blades. But it would be cheaper to place one blade in the center that sweeps from end to end. India’s auto-rickshaws have a single blade and using that idea, now, so does the Nano.

Organizational Agility

Frugal engineering requires certain changes or innovations in organizational structure and processes.

1. Cross functional team: Design has to be given to a cross-functional team.
2. Supply chain thinking: Frugal engineering has to treat the suppliers as an extension of the enterprise. Frugal engineering is based high levels of cost transparency right from the design stage. A frugal development team must look beyond the usual, approved list of suppliersand develop suppliers who meet the requirements for cost, quality, and timeliness of delivery. Suppliers have to  involved in development projects.  OEMs and suppliers team up to set cost targets and a cost structure for the entire product as well as components. They have focus on individual components as well as on the optimization of the entire system.
3. Top-down support: Every project looks like a failure in the middle. Top management has to take time, understand and approve a frugal engineering project. Once the project is in implementation, it must do its best to facilitate the design team to overcome obstacles and challenges and make the project a success.

Frugal Engineering - Sources for This Article

Frugal engineering - six pillars - Nirmalya Kumar and Phanish Puranam

Frugal Engineering - Bibliography

The Irrestible rise of frugal engineering - KPMG E Book
Chapter 1: Frugal engineering: Introduction
Chapter 2: The threat comes with a familiar face
Chapter 3: Addressing the ideological challenge
Chapter 4: Education and the Indian red herring
Chapter 5: The scale of the threat laid bare
Chapter 6: So what happens next?

Frugal Engineering in Embedded Systems and Chips

Akash - The Frugally engineered tablet in India

Frugal Reengineering - AT Kearney paper

Frugal engineering explained - 2010 Business Line article

More Frugal Engineering - Articles and White Papers by Global Consultants and Media

Frugal Engineering - Case Studies

In product terms, the darlings of the frugal engineering scene are: the Tata Nano, Unilever’s Pureit water purifier, GE’s MAC400 handheld electro-cardiogram, Godrej Appliances’ Chotukool mini-fridge, Nokia’s 1100 mobile phone.

Frugal engineering is being championed by some of the world’s leading brand names. They have got themselves ahead of the game by building up R&D capability in emerging markets and developing products for the bottom of the pyramid.

Frugal Engineering - Case Study Collection

Frugal Engineering and Innovation - Research Papers

Frugal Engineering and Innovation - Research Papers

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Frugal Engineering - Articles and White Papers by Global Consultants and Media




The Best Way To Innovation? - An Important Lesson from India




Think regionally, act locally: Four steps to reaching the Asian consumer

Local design is all the more important in Asia because customers in many of its markets expect a very wide variety of offerings and short innovation cycles.
sophisticated consumer companies like P&G and Hindustan Lever have repeatedly found that compelling entry-level products and brands are essential for attracting consumers to higher-priced ones, often by “de-engineering” premium products to focus on the features and attributes that Asian customers value most. P&G, for example, cut the price of Crest toothpaste more than 50 percent in China by reducing the cost of packaging, which is less important to consumers than being able to choose from a variety of flavors.




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MS Turanor Planet Solar - World's Largest Solar Powered Boat - 2013

The Turanor uses energy harnessed from more than 500 sq m of solar panels to drive two, 60kW electric engines, each in turn driving a standard propeller. They are capable of pushing the 35m catamaran to a top speed of 14 knots (26km/h, 16mph).

But, on its journey around the world, the boat averaged just five knots only  as she took a course around the equator to maximise exposure to the sun. The boat was at sea for 585 days as a result - compared to the record 45 days for sailing round the world.

To boost power when the sun is weak or hiding, the boat holds eight tonnes of lithium ion batteries, capable of powering the vessel for three days when dark clouds shade the ocean skies.

The boat reached London on 9 September 2013

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Automobile Engineering and Technology Developments - Information Board 2013

September 2013

Toyota Extends Hybrid Reach with Brash Lexus LF-NX Concept

GM Demos New Self-Steering System, Hopes to Release Semi-Autonomous Vehicle by 2020

Toyota Readies Fourth Generation Prius, Will Reportedly Achieve 60 MPG

Japanese Maglev Train

Japanese Maglev Train Begins Full Speed Testing at 310 mph (500+ kmph)

29 August 2013

Testing on Japan's super-fast Maglev train has resumed after several years of building an extension to its track.

Japan JR Tokai has been creating a superconducting magnetically levitated (SCMaglev) train design (a type of electrodynamic suspension Maglev), which travels along a U-shaped track at speeds of up 505 km/hr (311 mph).

The fundamental idea behind a magnetically levitated vehicle was first devised and patented in the U.S. in 1905.  Magnetic levitation is appealing in some ways -- with no moving parts, it has low maintenance costs, and some kinds of Maglev designs (such as JR Tokai's) self-stabilizing reducing the chance of the kind of crashes that plague high-speed rail-based trains.

By 1979 JR Tokai  had completed an unmanned test platform, capable of reach speeds of 517 km/hr (321 mph).  But it took a decade to develop sufficient safety controls and aerodynamics to start construction on a test track.  Construction of the The Yamanashi Maglev Test Line began in 1990 in the town of Aichi, near the city of Nagoya.

The Maglev trains must first reach a certain speed using retractable wheels before the magnetic forces become powerful enough to drive the train once the train reaches around 30 km/h (19 mph).  The retractable wheel launching and landing process  bear some similarities to an airplane takeoff/landing.

Between 1990 and 2008 the 18.4 km (11.4 mi) track saw test runs by MLU002N and MLX01 test engines.  To test the designs JR Tokai gave away free rides on the track.  An estimated 200,000 passengers were carried on these free rides.

In June of this year (2013), the test track was expanded to a length of 42.8 km (26.6 mi) and also incorporates new features such as tunnels. 

Boeing 787 - Engineering Achievement 2013

787 - 9

Similar to the standard 787, the new “9” variant also uses composite materials in its construction. Because of these composite materials the 787 line is said to be 20 percent more fuel efficient.

The new Dreamliner series can also keep cabins under higher pressure with lower humidity, and give passengers a greater view on their travels with its larger electrochromic windows. Additionally, the 787s sport dual engines that can power the craft to Mach .85 (913km/h; 567mph).

The 787-9  differs from from 787-8 in some key ways. First, the new 9 is 6 meters (20ft) longer, with a total length of 63 meters (206ft). With that additional space Boeing has made room for 40 more passengers, upping the total number to 290.

Given its fuel efficiency, the 787-9 has also boosted its range by 555 km (345 miles) giving the plane an effective range of 15,844 km (9,845 miles). With that range the 787-9 could fly from New York to Hong Kong (12,962 km; 8,054 miles) without getting to fumes.

Boeing 787 Design Change Process

Boeing 787 Design Details

The Boeing 787 program has consciously designed in new, state-of-the-art features and performance that reduce cost and increase airplane availability. These features include extensive use of composites in the airframe and primary structure, an electric systems architecture, a reliable and maintainable design, and an improved maintenance program. Taken together, these features  will offer customers a guaranteed reduction in maintenance costs.

Traditionally, the value of a given design solution for an air plane has been measured using factors such as:

Noise (cabin and community)
Schedule reliability
Development cost
Build cost
Using these measures to compare design options helps determine the optimum choice.

With the 787, Boeing has expanded the life-cycle design approach by adding two unique performance measures: maintenance cost and airplane availability.

Material Use
Advanced Composites: 50%
Aluminium: 20%
Titanium: 15%
Steel: 10%
Others: 5%

The 787 has replaced virtually all cabin, flight deck and exterior lighting with HID and LED lighting technologies.  Overall, 787 lights will last ten to twenty times longer than their in-service counterparts.

BMW i3 - Latest Commercialised Engineering Achievement - 2013

The all-electric BMW i3.

Everything about the BMW i3 with eDrive, every detail and every feature, is designed for life in the city. Driven by a locally emission-free electric motor, the BMW i3 guarantees mobility wherever you need it. It’s at home anywhere, from the edge of town to the city centre. Not surprisingly, the BMW i3 also qualifies for a full 100% discount in the London Congestion Zone. Aside from the ecological considerations, the BMW i3 makes a strong impression with its breathtaking acceleration at low speeds or from a standstill. And it boasts an impressive real-world range of 80-100 miles thanks to the high-voltage lithium ion battery. If you want even more flexibility, the BMW i3 Range Extender adds to the achievable range.

Typical BMW i streamflow design features are apparent in the way the window surfaces in the tailgate merge to offer an excellent all-around view. Large 19 inch alloy wheels reduce rolling resistance, which, combined with numerous aerodynamic details, create the most efficient drive.

With a base price of $41k, it's about $20k less than a Tesla Model S. The smaller battery and lower passenger capacity probably account for the difference in price.

Comparison Between Concept Car and Production Car

The transparent doors move to the side and conventional doors made of CFRP are taking their place. The lower part of the tailgate has also moved away from a transparent design towards one that blocks the view of any contents inside the trunk.

The production version of the BMW i3 is narrower than the concept car: 1775 mm vs 2011 mm width of the production i3. In addition, the BMW i3 is slightly higher and slightly longer than when it was announced in 2011.

Inside changes:  The built-in LCD is now replaced by the floating high-def screen seen on new BMWs. The dashboard controls and iDrive knobs are also similar to the other production models in the BMW lineup.

The curb weight of the BMW i3 is 1195 kg or 55 kg lighter than announced in 2011. Due to the lower weight, the sprint is faster than initially announced: 7.2 seconds from 0 to 62 mph, versus 7.9 seconds in the concept.

The luggage capacity has however increased: 260 cubic meters to 1,100 cubic meters, versus 200 to 1,100 before.


Standard Specifications of the Car

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Engineering Design: A Systematic Approach - Ken Wallace, Luciënne Blessing - 2007 - Book Information

Engineering Design: A Systematic Approach (Google eBook)

Ken Wallace, Luciënne Blessing

Springer, 06-Aug-2007 - Technology & Engineering - 639 pages
Engineering design must be carefully planned and systematically executed. In particular, engineering design methods must integrate the many different aspects of designing and the priorities of the end-user. Engineering Design (3rd edition) describes a systematic approach to engineering design. The authors argue that such an approach, applied flexibly and adapted to a particular task, is essential for successful product development. The design process is first broken down into phases and then into distinct steps, each with its own working methods. The third edition of this internationally-recognised text is enhanced with new perspectives and the latest thinking. These include extended treatment of product planning; new sections on organisation structures, simultaneous engineering, leadership and team behaviour; and updated chapters on quality methods and estimating costs. New examples have been added and existing ones extended, with additions on design to minimise wear, design for recycling, mechanical connections, mechatronics, and adaptronics. Engineering Design (3rd edition) is translated and edited from the sixth German edition by Ken Wallace, Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Cambridge, and Luciënne Blessing, Professor of Engineering Design and Methodology at the Technical University of Berlin. Topics covered include: fundamentals; product planning and product development; task clarification and conceptual design; embodiment design rules, principles and guidelines; mechanical connections, mechatronics and adaptronics; size ranges and modular products; quality methods; and cost estimation methods. The book provides a comprehensive guide to successful productdevelopment for practising designers, students, and design educators. Fundamentals are emphasised throughout and short-term trends avoided; so the approach described provides a sound basis for design courses that help students move quickly and effectively into design practice.

Google Book Link

The first chapter Tasks and Activities of Engineering Designer is very interesting.

Tasks and Activities of Engineering Designer

The main task of engineering designer is to apply their scientific and engineering knowledge to the solution of technical problems,and then to optimize those solutions within the requirements and constraints set by material, technological, economic, legal, environmental, and human-related considerations

Engineering Design: A Systematic Approach
Ken Wallace, Luciënne Blessing
Springer, 06-Aug-2007 - Technology & Engineering - 639 pages
Page 1

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Machine Design: An Integrated Approach, 2/E - Norton - Book Information

Machine Design: An Integrated Approach, 2/E


Pearson Education India, 01-Sep-2000 - 875 pages

Google Book Link

A Design Process

1. Identification of Need
2. Background Research
3. Goal Statement
4. Task Specifications
5. Synthesis
6. Analysis
7. Selection
8. Analysis
9. Prototyping and testing
10. Production

In Synthesis many alternative designs or design approaches are sought without regard for value or quality. This is the ideation stage.

In step, the solutions that emerged in step 5 are analyzed and some rejected, some are modified.

The most promising solution is selected in step 7.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hyperloop - New Transportation Technology - 2013

The system was presented by Elon Musk in his blog post.

The system is capable of speed reaching 1,220 kilometres per hour, or Mach 0.91.

The estimated cost of connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco would be $6 billion and one way ticket would be $20.

Concept of Hyperloop

A closed car or carriage having passengers (termed as pod) travels in a tube on air cushion. The car travels at around 700 miles per hour speed. The air cushion is provided by an electric compressor fan driven by batteries in the car. The fan forces air the at the front of the car to the rear of the car and thus creates the air cushion on which the car travels. The energy to the car to travel is provided by an induction motor which is powered by solar power. The electric motor provides energy at 70 miles interval.

The cost involved is the tube in billions of dollar for the 350 mile track proposed by Elon Musk. Whereas the carriages and other equipment cost millions only.

Read for more details 57 page document.

Hyperloop - Challenges Pointed out by Sam Jaffe

The compressor attached to the pod or car will be compressing air and expelling it downwards and backwards. All that air compression creates an enormous amount of heat, which has to be removed. Does the plan has a good heat exchange system?

Any structure elevated 100 feet off the ground is going to be under a lot of wind pressure, which will act on it in weird and sometimes multiple directions.  Will the concrete pylons be powerful enough to resist that pressure?

Hyperloop - Challenges - Dr.Stephen Granade

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Automobile Related Patents 1951 - 2015

Analysis of Electric Car via Patents
50,852 patents were found in a research paper

Industrial Engineering Conference 2013


Automobile stabilizer bar manufacturing method - US 20130093153 A1

2012  Gregory Thomas Hedderley  - Method of Manufacturing a Vehicle

2009   Edward Gordon Dunny - Reinventing Car Making

Monday, August 5, 2013

Nanotechnology in Solar Power Generation - Plasmonic Black Metals - 2013

The LLNL Materials Engineering Division (MED) research team has made breakthroughs experimenting with black metals. These nanostructured metals are designed to have low reflectivity and high absorption of visible and infrared light. The MED research team recently published their black metals research results in a cover-page article in the May issue of Applied Physics Letters titled "Plasmonic Black Metals in Resonant Nanocavities."

Authored by MED physicist and research team member Mihail Bora, the article details the work of the nanophotonics and plasmonics research team led by LLNL engineer Tiziana Bond.

It describes the team's concept of black metals, which are not classic metals but can be thought of as an extension of the black silicon concept. When silicon is treated in a certain way, such as being roughened at the nanoscale level, it traps light by multiple reflections, increasing its solar absorption. This gives the silicon a black surface that's able to better trap the full sun's wavelength spectrum.

The investigation found  a plasmonic resonant structure tunable from ultra-violet to near infrared wavelengths with maximum absorbance strength over 95% due to a highly efficient coupling with incident light

Related news reports

Breakthroughs in Solar Technology 2013


Simple solar cell splitting water into hydrogen

Using a simple solar cell and a photo anode made of a metal oxide, HZB and  TU Delft scientists have successfully stored nearly five percent of solar energy chemically in the form of hydrogen. This is a major feat as the design of the solar cell is much simpler than that of the high-efficiency triple-junction cells based on amorphous silicon or expensive III-V semiconductors that are traditionally used for this purpose.


Plasmonic black metals

The use of plasmonic black metals could someday provide a pathway to more efficient photovoltaics (PV) -- the use of solar panels containing photovoltaic solar cells -- to improve solar energy harvesting, according to researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) investigated a plasmonic resonant structure tunable from ultra-violet to near infrared wavelengths with maximum absorbance strength over 95% due to a highly efficient coupling with incident light

20 July 2012

Transparent solar cells

UCLA researchers create highly transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity
UCLA researchers have developed a new transparent solar cell that is an advance toward giving windows in homes and other buildings the ability to generate electricity while still allowing people to see outside. Their study appears in the journal ACS Nano.

The UCLA team describes a new kind of polymer solar cell (PSC) that produces energy by absorbing mainly infrared light, not visible light, making the cells nearly 70% transparent to the human eye. They made the device from a photoactive plastic that converts infrared light into an electrical current.

"These results open the potential for visibly transparent polymer solar cells as add-on components of portable electronics, smart windows and building-integrated photovoltaics and in other applications," said study leader Yang Yang, a UCLA professor of materials science and engineering, who also is director of the Nano Renewable Energy Center at California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI).


More Efficient solar photovoltaic thermal (PVT) system

Two Queen’s University, Canda  researchers have contributed to a significant breakthrough in solar technology. Their research has led to a new solar photovoltaic thermal (PVT) system that generates both electricity and heat.

Solar PVTs are normally made with crystal silicon cells which generate electricity, but little heat. Stephen Harrison and Joshua Pearce (Mechanical and Materials Engineering) designed and tested amorphous silicon cells in a PVT system. Their research shows increased heat generation because of higher operating temperatures and 10 per cent more solar electric output.

The amorphous silicon has several advantages over crystal silicon. It requires less material, costs less to manufacture and offers a higher return on investment.

Article covering four break throughs


30 May 2013 Method for controlling a solar-thermal power plant having direct vaporization - WO 2013037909 A3

25 April 2013 - Solar energy power plant with supercritical water as working fluid and use of the solar energy power plant - WO 2013029943 A3

28 March 2013 -  Method of manufacturing thin film solar cells - US 20130078755 A1 -

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ransom E. Olds - Automobile Inventor - 1896

He was born Ransom Eli Olds on June 3, 1864, in Geneva, Ohio,  In 1886, Ransom began experimenting with a steam-powered engine. In 1886, he received his first patent for a gasoline-powered car, and founded the Olds Motor Vehicle Company to manufacture it in 1897.

Olds in 1899 relocated from Lansing to Detroit and started the company  Olds Motor Works. In 1901 Ransom designed the legendary Curved Dash Oldsmobile which was the first commercially successful car mass-produced on an assembly line in the U.S. It sold for $650.00. This was the first factory to employ an assembly line process in a manufacturing environment.

Although the factory was destroyed by fire in 1901, 600 models of the Curved Dash were sold. In 1904 sales were up to 5000 units. Because of issues within management, Olds left the company he founded. It was later sold to be part of the formation of GM, by William Durant in 1908 and eventually became the Oldsmobile Motor Division of GM. The Oldsmobile brand, after a successful production run of 107 years, was discontinued by GM in 2004.

After leaving Olds Motor works, Olds formed the REO Motor Company back in Lansing, MI based on . his initials (R.E.O.).  By 1907 he had built REO into one of the automotive industry’s leaders with a 25% market share. In 1938 it was reorganized as REO Motors, Inc. a bus and truck company.  In 1954, REO merged with Diamond T. and became Diamond Reo Trucks, Inc. known for high-quality trucks. It went out of business in 1975. Thus, Olds had 2 car companies named after him.

Automobile Related Patents 1901 - 1950

1904   - Ransom E. Olds  Valve Gear for Explosive Engines

1899  - Ransom E. Olds - Electric Igniter for Gas Engines

1896  Ransom E. Olds - Comined Gas and Steam Engine

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Electric Cars - Tesla versus BMW's i3 - July 2013

BMW. It has begun the global launch of the all-electric i3 that will begin reaching U.S. customers in 2014. Initial reviews of the car have been close to rapturous, with test drivers declaring that the i3 "drives just like a true BMW."

The size and price of the Model S make it impractical for most people. But  it has been successfully launched, and Tesla expects to sell 21,000 of them this year at prices starting at $72,000 before any federal tax credit. If it succeeds, it would equal the combined volume of Jaguar, Bentley, Maserati, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce.

Pallet Storage System combines push-back, flow styles. - July 2013

According to SJF Material Handling, the Espace/Max pallet storage system provides users the benefits of traditional push-back & pallet flow type systems without the drawbacks & limitations traditionally associated with these older legacy systems."Provides the benefits of deep pallet storage without the drawbacks & limitations"

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology in Construction - Biblography

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology for Civil Engineering
2011 Paper

Nanomaterials Poised for Big Impact in Construction
July 2010

Nanotechnology in Construction: Proceedings of the NICOM3 (Google eBook)
Zdeněk Bittnar
Springer, 21-Apr-2009 - Technology & Engineering - 452 pages
The 3rd International Symposium on Nanotechnology in Construction (NICOM 3) follows the highly successful NICOM 1 (Paisley, UK 2003) and NICOM 2 (Bilbao, Spain 2005) Symposia. The NICOM3 symposium was held in Prague, Czech Republic from May 31 to June 2, 2009 under the auspices of the Czech Technical University in Prague. It was a cross-disciplinary event, bringing together R&D experts and users from different fields all with interest in nanotechnology and construction. The conference was aimed at: Understanding of internal structures of existing construction materials at nano-scale Modification at nano-scale of existing construction materials. Production and properties of nanoparticulate materials, nanotubes and novel polymers. Modeling and simulation of nanostructures. Instrumentation, techniques and metrology at nano-scale. Health and safety issues and environmental impacts related to nanotechnology during research, manufacture and product use. Review of current legislation. Societal and commercial impacts of nanotechnology in construction, their predictions and analysis.
Google Book Link

Applications of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in Construction
Zhi Ge, Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, USA
Zhili Gao, Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, USA

Presentation by Reinste Nanoventures Pvt. Ltd, Noida, India
Nanotechnology Applications in Construction Industry.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Doctoral Research Opportunity for Engineering Post Graduates in Industrial Engineering

If you are interested in doing doctoral  research in any of the following areas visit the


Human Effort Engineering - Techniques

1. Principles of Motion Economy
2. Motion Study
3. Workstation Design
4. Application of Ergonomics and Biomechanics
5. Fatigue Studies
6. Productivity/Safety/Comfort Device Design
7. Standardization of  Methods
8. Operator training
9. Incentive Systems
10. Job Evaluation
11. Learning effect capture
12. Work Measurement


1. Process Analysis
2. Operation Analysis
3. Layout Efficiency Analysis
4. Value engineering
5. Statistical quality control
6. Statistical inventory control and ABC Classification Based Inventory Sytems
7. Six sigma
8. Operations research
9. Variety reduction
10. Standardization
11. Incentive schemes
12. Waste reduction or elimination
13. Activity based management
14. Business process improvement
15. Fatigue analysis and reduction
16. Engineering economy analysis
17. Learning effect capture and continuous improvement (Kaizen, Quality circles and suggestion schemes)
18. Standard costing

Functional Solutions

1.Warehouse efficiency improvement
2. Warehouse 5S
3. Warehouse human effort engineering
4. Inventory control

You can send a mail to Dr. K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao, Professor, NITIE at kvssnrao55 at for more details or clarifications. Post graduate degree with 60% marks in any branch of engineering is required.

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3D Printer and 3D Printing - Related Patents

Join EFF's efforts to stop inappropriate patents in 3D printing

Understand prior arts and old patents to challenge creative patent applications that unnecessarily block open innovation in 3D printing area.


The Collection of Patents is being done to facilitate understanding the development of technology through contributions of larger number of engineers and inventors in developing various components of 3D Printers, various processes related to 3D printing and its application to various components and materials.

Patents Issued During 2012

Thermoplastic powder material system for appearance models from 3d ...
Grant - Filed 19 May 2004 - Issued 27 Jun 2012 - F. James Bredt - 3D Systems Incorporated
Thermoplastic powder material system for appearance models from 3d printing systems. EP 1628823 B8 (text from WO2004113042A2). Abstract. The present ...

Method and system enabling 3d printing of three-dimensional object ...
App. - Filed 5 Oct 2010 - Published 15 Aug 2012 - Guy Mori - 3D M.T.P. Ltd
Certain embodiments of the present invention seek to connect between architects, 3D printing services providers and 3D printer manufactures, e.g. using cloud ...

3d printing on a rotating cylindrical surface
App. - Filed 29 Jul 2010 - Published 6 Jun 2012 - Justin Elsey - Zydex Pty Ltd
A 3D printing device (100) adapted to make a solid object (111 A). The device (100) has a cylindrical surface ( 104) rotatable around an axis (122) of rotation, ...

Maleic anhydride copolymers as soluble support material for fused ...
App. - Filed 20 Apr 2011 - Published 24 Oct 2012 - Dr. Stefan Bernhardt - Evonik Röhm GmbH
The invention relates more particularly to a 3D printing process involving support materials which are easier to remove  than in the prior art. The support materials ...

Apparatus, method and multiport valve for handling powder in a 3-d ...
Grant - Filed 25 May 2007 - Issued 22 Aug 2012 - Thomas Davidson - 3D Systems, Inc.
[0003] Apparatus for carrying out 3D printing typically generate dust .... 9A is an exploded perspective view of a pogo PC board for a 3D printer, in accordance ...

Process for the production of a structure comprising crystalline ...
Grant - Filed 10 Apr 2008 - Issued 21 Nov 2012 - Günter BERTHOLDT - Bioregeneration Gmbh
producing a hollow mould (5) by means of a 3D printer (1) the 3D printer building up at least a part (2a, 2b) of the hollow mould (5) in layers from a modelling ...

Support Material and Applications Thereof
App. - Filed 23 Feb 2011 - Published 23 Aug 2012 - Khalil Moussa - 3D Systems, Inc.
In one aspect, support materials operable for use in 3D printing systems are described herein. In some embodiments, a support material comprises a wax ...

Apparatus and methods for handling materials in a 3-d printer
App. - Filed 25 May 2007 - Published 9 May 2012 - Thomas Davidson - Z Corporation
[0004] Apparatus for carrying out 3D printing typically generate dust, which can ..... 1 is a schematic view of a 3D printer and accompanying powder handling ...

Build Material and Applications Thereof
App. - Filed 9 Mar 2011 - Published 13 Sep 2012 - John Stockwell - 3D Systems, Inc.
In one aspect, build materials operable for use in 3D printing systems are described herein. In some embodiments, a build  material comprises an oligomeric ...

Apparatus and methods for handling materials in a 3-D printer
Grant - Filed 7 Jun 2011 - Issued 22 May 2012 - Thomas Davidson - 3D Systems, Inc.
Once all the available excess powder has been recycled from the various parts of the 3D printer, additional powder can be  added to the dispensing hopper 400 ...

Apparatus and methods for servicing 3D printers
Grant - Filed 19 Oct 2010 - Issued 1 May 2012 - William J. Fienup - 3D Systems, Inc.
... aforementioned apparatus and methods. The apparatus and methods involve 3D printing and servicing of the equipment used in the associated 3D printer.

Methods and apparatuses for printing three dimensional images
Grant - Filed 5 Jun 2009 - Issued 14 Aug 2012 - Kenneth A. Abeloe - Virginia Venture Industries, LLC Systems and methods for printing a 3D object on a three-dimensional (3D) printer are described. The methods semi-automatically or automatically delineate an ...

Method to create removable dental prosthesis, and the dental ...
App. - Filed 22 Dec 2010 - Published 18 Oct 2012 - György Haraszati - Haraszati Gyoergy
Method according to claim 1 , characterized by that, the 3D printer (PRI) ..... “SLS” technology, possibly unification with a kind of adhesive material “3D Printing”.

Methods and system for enabling printing three-dimensional object ...
Grant - Filed 8 Oct 2009 - Issued 8 May 2012 - Effi Fogel - 3D M. T. P. Ltd.
... Which are typically not selected for 3D printing, are draWn in non-White. ... by means of said system 200 and printed by means of 3D printer 220 (FIG.

Fabrication of Non-Homogeneous Articles Via Additive Manufacturing ...
App. - Filed 2 May 2012 - Published 30 Aug 2012 - David T. Chen - Chen David T, Steingart Robert
(d) using a 3D printer to deposit the pigment and/or the resin identified by the ..... it would be cumbersome to make a 3D printing machine including a different ...

Individually tailored soft components
App. - Filed 6 Oct 2010 - Published 13 Sep 2012 - Rune Fisker - 3Shape A/S
3D printing a casting mold based on said casting mold CAD model, ..... The casting mold can for example be

manufactured on a 3D printer based on the digital ...

Individually tallored soft components
App. - Filed 6 Oct 2010 - Published 22 Aug 2012 - Rune Fisker - 3Shape A/S
3D printing a casting mold based on said casting mold CAD model, ... of the preceding claims, wherein the casting mold is provided by means of a 3D printer. 33.

Multi-view point 3D display apparatus
App. - Filed 6 Dec 2011 - Published 13 Jun 2012 - Jung-Mok Bae - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
The 3D display apparatus of claim 7, wherein the holographic 3D printing system comprises: a light source unit (105)  comprising a plurality of color light sources ...

Single-Action Three-Dimensional Model Printing Methods
App. - Filed 2 Mar 2011 - Published 6 Sep 2012 - Andy Wu
The system of claim 1 , wherein a physical model is generated using the 3D printing process on the 3D printer. 10. A

method for printing a 3D physical model ...

Orthodontic treatment aligners based on CT data
Grant - Filed 3 Nov 2008 - Issued 30 Oct 2012 - Alex M. Greenberg - Greenberg Surgical Technologies, Llc
Each video clip of each stage of the orthodontics is accomplished with a different aligner produced by the 3D printer. In one embodiment, as shown in FIG.

Improvements relating to user interfaces for designing objects
App. - Filed 4 Nov 2010 - Published 12 Sep 2012 - Assa Ashuach - Digital Forming Ltd
In different embodiment, the 3D printer is not attached to the rapid ... with the 3D tag attached is placed into a directory  where the 3D printing bureau can see it.

Optical shaping apparatus and shaping base
Grant - Filed 26 Jan 2010 - Issued 14 Feb 2012 - Hiroyuki Yasukochi - Sony Corporation
An optical shaping apparatus includes a light transmissive member, a shaping base, and a movement mechanism. The light transmissive member includes a ...

Graphical application system
App. - Filed 20 Mar 2012 - Published 30 Aug 2012 - Bo Pettersson - Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh
Therefore, the layers are not restricted to parallel and equidistant slices as in conventional 3D printing, but the layers can be applied from various directions.

Three-dimensional nanostructured hybrid scaffold and manufacture ...
App. - Filed 25 Jun 2010 - Published 9 May 2012 - Flemming Besenbacher - Aarhus Universitet, Region, Midtjylland
To optimise the mechanical properties of scaffolds, another manufacturing method was tried out; rapid prototyping or 3D

printing. 3D printing resulted in very ...

3D-inkjet printing methods
Grant - Filed 19 Dec 2007 - Issued 27 Mar 2012 - Luc Vanmaele - Agfa Graphics NV
An inkjet fluid set for use in the method of 3D printing according to claim 1, the inkjet fluid set comprising: the two or more UV curable inkjet fluids each containing ...

White inkjet ink improved for dispersion stability
Grant - Filed 24 Oct 2007 - Issued 16 Oct 2012 - Frank De Voeght - Agfa Graphics Nv
It can be a temporary substrate, e.g. for transferring an image to another substrate after printing. Applications such as  3D-printing, direct printing on wooden ...

Image outputting apparatus and program
Grant - Filed 17 Jan 2008 - Issued 17 Apr 2012 - Hideaki Yoshida - Olympus Imaging Corp., Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha
... Feb 1, 1994, Jun 13, 1995, Image Technology International, Inc. Dual mode 2D/3D printer ...

Colored photovoltaic modules and methods of construction
App. - Filed 2 Apr 2012 - Published 4 Oct 2012 - Gerald R. WOOTTON - Ats Automation Tooling Systems Inc.
... 2D and 3D printing, SLA (Selective Laser Augmentation) or SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) to create an optical structure within a PV laminate assembly; ...

Three-dimensional printing material system with improved color, ...
Grant - Filed 10 Jan 2008 - Issued 1 May 2012 - Amir Alam - 3D Systems, Inc.
... Aug 21, 2002, Water-based material systems and methods for 3D printing ...

Three dimensional printing material system and method using ...
Grant - Filed 28 Jan 2011 - Issued 17 Apr 2012 - Derek X. Williams - 3D Systems, Inc.
... Aug 21, 2002, Water-based material systems and methods for 3D printing ...

Apparatus and method for evaluating hologram image recording medium
App. - Filed 30 Jan 2012 - Published 4 Oct 2012 - Shohei Fujii - Tdk Corporation
This is generally referred to as a holographic 3D printer or the like, which is ... In contrast to this, the holographic 3D printer is configured to continuously record ...

Laser printing system and laser printing method
Grant - Filed 24 Oct 2008 - Issued 12 Jun 2012 - Hiroshi Hosen - Suntory Holdings Limited
This printing is often performed by employing a system of 3D printing ... HoWever, in this case, 3D printing is necessary to enable the sight impaired to read it.

PAEK powder, in particular for the use in a method for a ...
Grant - Filed 4 Nov 2010 - Issued 30 Oct 2012 - Martin Leuterer - Eos Gmbh Electro Optical Systems
... known under the names 3D-laser sintering, 3D-laser melting or 3D-printing. Here, metals, ceramics and last but not

least plastics are used as basic materials.

Support material removing method
App. - Filed 23 Dec 2011 - Published 20 Sep 2012 - Yoshihisa ASAI - Macoho Co., Ltd.
In the past, there have been proposals of a three-dimensional forming device (commonly known as a 3D printer) which forms a three-dimensional object by an ...

Powdery composition of a polymer and a flameproofing agent ...
Grant - Filed 10 Aug 2010 - Issued 21 Feb 2012 - Sylvia Monsheimer - Evonik Degussa GmbH
The method of claim 13, wherein the moldings are produced by selective laser sintering, selective inhibition of the bonding of powders, 3D printing, or a ...

Automated 3D build processes
Grant - Filed 9 Nov 2011 - Issued 24 Jul 2012 - Charles E. Pax - MakerBot Industries
5,2010 12:10:55 PM] Open Source R l t d U S A l_ t_ D t 3D printing research and design Apr. 22, 2009 , all. eae .. pp1ca10n aa . . . . (Continued) (63) ...

Three dimensional printing system and method
Grant - Filed 9 Sep 1999 - Issued 7 Nov 2012 - Timothy C. Anderson - 3D Systems Incorporated
EXAMPLE 7; [0068] Using the same particulate material and aqueous fluid used in Example 5, above, an article was printed using a Z402 3D printer (beta ...

3d image displaying apparatus, 3d image displaying method, and 3d ...
App. - Filed 22 Feb 2012 - Published 4 Oct 2012 - Tetsuya Matsumoto - Fujifilm Corporation
In addition, 3D printing technology for printing 3D images based on a similar principle concerning lenticular lenses has

been proposed. Since the third ...

Computer-aided Fabrication Of A Removable Dental Prosthesis
App. - Filed 16 Jul 2012 - Published 1 Nov 2012 - Andrew Youngho Chun
The three dimensional digital model of the dental prosthesis is printed using a three dimensional (3D) printer using a biologically safe material to create a ...

Apparatus for three dimensional printing using imaged layers
Grant - Filed 28 Nov 2007 - Issued 21 Feb 2012 - Bryan Bedal - 3D Systems, Inc.
The prior art 3D printing systems that require heat to join the materials together ... of actuators to generate parts; resulting in a 3D printer Which is generally too ...

Method of preparing a medical restraint
Grant - Filed 30 Jan 2007 - Issued 27 Nov 2012 - Michael Mailling - Axellis Ventures Ltd, Axellis Limited
Examples of preferred techniques include 3D printing techniques, including colour 3D printing, stereolithography (SLA), vacuum casting, selective laser sintering ...

User interfaces for designing objects
App. - Filed 4 Nov 2010 - Published 8 Nov 2012 - Assa Ashuach - Digital Forming Ltd
This file can then be sent to the 3D printer and the object/product can be printed ... tag attached is placed into a directory where the 3D printing bureau can see it.

3D object fabrication methods and systems
Grant - Filed 5 Nov 2007 - Issued 10 Apr 2012 - Jeng-Feng Wu - Industrial Technology Research Institute
Conventionally, 3D formation of images comprises laser rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and laser dust sinter and so on.
With respect to restrictions of the ...

Direct printing of a desired or multiple appearances of object in ...
Grant - Filed 31 Jan 2007 - Issued 5 Jun 2012 - Tetsuhiro Kodera - Konica Minolta Laboratory U.S.A., Inc.
... 6-in-1, /* Enable 3D printing */ /* Set viewing angle data */ /* Set image combination */ Note that the viewing angles may be set in PJL by specifying a plurality ...

Ink providing etch-like effect for printing on ceramic surfaces
Grant - Filed 28 Sep 2006 - Issued 24 Apr 2012 - Gera Eron - Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, DIP Tech. Ltd.
By random algorithm it also controls the shape (tops and lows) of the 3D printing to eliminate repetitive pattern of the printing and therefore control the light ...

Cement-based materials system for producing ferrous castings using ...
Grant - Filed 15 Jan 2010 - Issued 3 Jul 2012 - James F. Bredt - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
In practice, however, the mixtures in the preferred embodiment may be cycled in a 3D Printer many times over several weeks without noticeably degrading in ...

Slip for the preparation of dental ceramics by a hot-melt inkjet ...
Grant - Filed 7 Jul 2009 - Issued 13 Mar 2012 - Jurgen Laubersheimer - Ivoclar Vivadent AG
stereolithography, 3D printing and inkj et modelling. ... 6,117,612 A) 3D printing is also a Widespread process for the preparation of ceramic compacts.

Method of Forming Patient Specific Implants with Improved ...
App. - Filed 29 Feb 2012 - Published 4 Oct 2012 - Jeffrey A. Bassett - Zimmer Dental, Inc.
... also be possible to shape the foamed polymer with desired dimensions by using rapid prototype processes such as 3D printing or selective laser sintering.

Function-based representation of n-dimensional structures
App. - Filed 20 Jul 2012 - Published 15 Nov 2012 - Mark Ganter - University Of Washington
For example, in an ongoing project, we are using 3D printing (rapid prototyping) to fabricate models of anatomical joints from the CAD models derived using a ...

Method for producing a component with at least one element ...
App. - Filed 6 Apr 2012 - Published 25 Oct 2012 - Peter Geiger - Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh
In the case of 3D printing, the pulverulent layer is solidified in that a binding agent is selectively introduced into the regions belonging to the component.

Phased array antenna with lattice transformation
Grant - Filed 12 Dec 2007 - Issued 29 May 2012 - Robert T. Worl - The Boeing Company
In 3D printing combined With modified lost-Wax manufacturing, a 3D CAD solid model file is used to produce a pattern using a 3D printer. This pattern is then ...

Separator for a release valve
Grant - Filed 7 Jul 2009 - Issued 14 Aug 2012 - Phillip T. Yontz - Conbraco Industries, Inc.
The release valve according to claim 7, wherein the separator is formed from a 3D printing process, injectionmolding, or casting process. 9. The release valve ...

Method for adaptive construction of a small CIC hearing instrument
Grant - Filed 31 Jul 2008 - Issued 12 Jun 2012 - Artem Boltyenkov - Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc.
7A and 7B, the commercially available 3D printer shown in FIG. ... use of support material with the known prior art 3D printer such as 39 (the known SLA Viper, ...

Methods and systems for specifying a blood vessel sleeve
Grant - Filed 31 Jul 2007 - Issued 10 Jan 2012 - Edward S. Boyden - The Invention Science Fund I, LLC
3D Printing is a term that ... (laminated object manufacturing), Titanium alloys (electron beam melting), and various polymers and other materials (3D Printing).

Interconnect structure and method for producing same
App. - Filed 24 Nov 2010 - Published 30 May 2012 - Leonardus Antonius Maria Brouwers - Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast- natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO
Such processes are known in the art known such as SLS, SLA or 3D printing, in an example an additive layer-wise manufacturing process comprises repeatedly ...

Tooth scaffolds
App. - Filed 17 Jun 2010 - Published 8 Nov 2012 - Jeremy J. Mao - The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York
2 is photographs showing scaffold fabrication using a 3D printing system (Bioplotter™). Panel A shows the Bioplotter™ used to create the scaffolds; Panel B ...

Process for making reusable tooling
Grant - Filed 7 Nov 2006 - Issued 20 Mar 2012 - James Todd Kloeb - Ford Motor Company
Z-CorporationiZPrinter®310 Plus, Fast, Affordable 3D Printing (21) APP1- N05 11/557,203 System _ asp?

Solid freeform fabrication of easily removeable support constructions
App. - Filed 31 May 2011 - Published 6 Dec 2012 - Nadav SELLA
One SFF technique, known as 3D printing, is performed by layer-by-layer inkjet .... 1 is a schematic representation of a

3D printing system using solid freeform ...

A method and system for designing a dental restoration
App. - Filed 17 Nov 2010 - Published 26 Sep 2012 - Bastian Kirchner - 3M Innovative Properties Company
Machining may comprise material removal (like milling or grinding for example) or material build-up (like laser sintering or 3D printing for example. In one ...

Method and apparatus for three-dimensional printing
Grant - Filed 24 Feb 2009 - Issued 3 Apr 2012 - Eliahu M. Kritchman - Objet Ltd.
Embodiments of the present invention may provide a system and a method of 3D printing that eliminate the need for a leveling device. Layers may be dispensed ...

Machine tool method
Grant - Filed 26 Aug 2005 - Issued 4 Apr 2012 - Anthony Brown - Renishaw Plc
Other suitable rapid manufacturing and rapid prototyping techniques include 3D printing, selective laser sintering, stereolithography and laminated object ...

Concha-Fitting Custom Earplug with Flexible Skin and Filler Material
App. - Filed 26 Mar 2012 - Published 27 Sep 2012 - Mark DeWilde - Red Tail Hawk Corporation
The device or a set of molds for the device are then created using 3D printing, also known as Rapid Prototyping. These systems employ Stereolithography (SLA), ...

Method and device for applying fluids
Grant - Filed 11 Feb 2005 - Issued 17 Jan 2012 - Ingo Ederer
... Aug 21, 2002, Water-based material systems and methods for 3D printing ...

Particle image velocimetry suitable for x-ray projection imaging
App. - Filed 16 Sep 2010 - Published 20 Sep 2012 - Stephen Dubsky - Monash University
The sample comprised an optically opaque plastic arterial model, with an average diameter of 950 μm, manufactured using a 3D-printing technology. The model ...

Illumination system for use in a stereolithography apparatus
App. - Filed 8 Mar 2010 - Published 11 Jan 2012 - Theodoor Hubertus Jacobus Jamar - DSM IP Assets B.V.,

Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast -natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek TNO
... use in a stereolithography apparatus. Stereolithography, also known as 3D-printing, is a rapid prototyping technology

for producing parts with high accuracy.

Ink jet recording medium with lenticular lenses
Grant - Filed 24 Mar 2010 - Issued 27 Mar 2012 - Katsuhito Suzuki - Seiko Epson Corporation
Background Art There is a method for the so-called 3D printing for rendering printed images observable three-dimensionally or as if the images are in motion, ...

3D Click to Buy
App. - Filed 26 Aug 2011 - Published 30 Aug 2012 - Joseph Anthony Plattsmier - Plattsmier Joseph Anthony, Stewart Lee Martin
... to a virtual shopping cart, a electronic parts replenishment system, or 3D printing device. ..... onsite by sending the part's parametric information to a 3D printer.

Imager and method for consistent repeatable alignment in a solid ...
Grant - Filed 17 Sep 2007 - Issued 17 Jul 2012 - Charles W. Hull - 3D Systems, Inc.
... Apr 2, 2004, Z Corporation, Apparatus and methods for 3D printing ...

Shell and manufacturing method
App. - Filed 18 Oct 2011 - Published 4 Oct 2012 - Shao-Ming Fu - Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
The 3D glass printing, known as a vitraglyphic process, is a process of creating a glass object with a 3D printer. In detail, spectrum glass and binder are mixed ...

Compositions and method for three-dimensional printing of solid ...
Grant - Filed 13 Apr 2001 - Issued 14 Nov 2012 - Timothy Anderson - 3D Systems Incorporated
The materials used in the present invention are capable of achieving much better performance in 3D Printing than those
presently used in the liquid binder ...

Anatomically customized and mobilizing external support, method ...
App. - Filed 30 Sep 2010 - Published 15 Aug 2012 - Roy BJÖRKSTRAND - Aalto University Foundation
According to one embodiment of the invention, the adapter components 31, 32 are manufactured using a 3D printer, or by

some other instant manufacturing ...

Anatomically customized and mobilizing external support, method ...
App. - Filed 30 Sep 2010 - Published 1 Nov 2012 - Roy Björkstrand - Aalto University Foundation
According to one embodiment of the invention, the adapter components 31, 32 are manufactured using a 3D printer, or by

some other instant manufacturing ...

Activity history management for open overlay for social networks ...
Grant - Filed 31 May 2006 - Issued 22 May 2012 - Donald Fischer - Red Hat, Inc.
... 3D printer for chocolate is possible. sent by Bluelakoo 93 Views I 8 quips NASA will crash a spacecraft into the moon

in 2008 You'll be able to see the ...

Cartridge for solid imaging apparatus and method
Grant - Filed 17 Sep 2007 - Issued 31 Jan 2012 - Charles R. Sperry - 3D Systems, Inc.
... Apr 2, 2004, Z Corporation, Apparatus and methods for 3D printing ...

Stereolithographic Rocket Motor Manufacturing Method
App. - Filed 23 Jul 2012 - Published 15 Nov 2012 - Jerome K. Fuller
Stereolithography uses a photopolymer and a curing mechanism. Fused deposition and 3D printing modeling rapid

prototyping processes melt plastic and inject ...

Perifusion device
Grant - Filed 30 Jun 2010 - Issued 11 Sep 2012 - Per-Olof Berggren - Biorep Technologies, Inc., University Of Miami
In one method, the valve manifold 212 is manufactured using 3D printing technology such as stereolithography (SLA) by

printing with a suitable material such as ...

Rapid-prototyped custom-fitted blood vessel sleeve
Grant - Filed 19 Jul 2007 - Issued 3 Apr 2012 - Edward S. Boyden - The Invention Science Fund I, LLC
3D Printing is a term that describes several similar technologies for machines that often operate in an oflice-like setting.

An inkjet system may be used to print ...

Apparatus and automated manufacturing device for producing a ...
Grant - Filed 30 Apr 2010 - Issued 3 Apr 2012 - Guylain Lemelin - CNCA Laser Co. Ltd.
... production of actual or virtual goods such as other crystal engraved items, busts or other shapes printed through some

type of 3D printing device, monochrome ...

Interactive mixed reality system and uses thereof
App. - Filed 8 Apr 2011 - Published 8 Nov 2012 - Nikolaus Gravenstein - University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.
A physical mannequin and a physical syringe are also provided for CVL training. For the physical mannequin, a rapid

prototyping machine, such as a 3D printer, ...

Active blood vessel sleeve methods and systems
Grant - Filed 17 Sep 2007 - Issued 24 Apr 2012 - Edward S. Boyden - The Invention Science Fund I, LLC
3D Printing is a term that describes several similar technologies for machines that often operate in an oflice-like setting.

An inkjet system may be used to print ...

Providing erasable printing with nanoparticles
Grant - Filed 15 Jul 2010 - Issued 16 Oct 2012 - Jaron Jurikson-Rhodes - HJ Laboratories, LLC
... configured and integrated with a 3D printing, 3D manufacturing, or rapid prototyping device. FIGS. 2 c, 2d, and ...

Method for the production of an otoplastic device
App. - Filed 4 May 2009 - Published 25 Oct 2012 - Beat Bleuer - Otoplastik Bleuer & Furst
The virtual earmold will be processed on the computer and “printed” thereafter on a 3D printer, which will stack a

plurality of extremely thin plastic layers one ...

Porous bodies and methods
Grant - Filed 11 Dec 2011 - Issued 17 Jul 2012 - Charles E. Ramberg - Errcive, Inc.
2009). R-1 Direct Metal Printer product description, ProMetal (Ex-One) downloaded from Mar. 2009.

S-15 3D printer product description, ...

Stereolithographic rocket motor manufacturing method
Grant - Filed 28 Feb 2008 - Issued 24 Jul 2012 - Jerome K. Fuller - The Aerospace Corporation
... be needed With the motor not even having an intake. Using other rapid prototyping techniques such as laser sintering

or 3D printing, small aluminum particles ...

Hand grip for a rollator, method for producing a hand grip and ...
App. - Filed 17 Jun 2011 - Published 19 Dec 2012 - Sara Brenden - Topro as
... the computer may be connected to a 3D printing device in order to generate a raw ... from the 3D laser scanner to give

corresponding signals to the 3D printer.

In-space processing and delivery system
App. - Filed 20 May 2011 - Published 22 Nov 2012 - Joseph A. Carroll - Carroll Joseph A, Levin Eugene M, Pearson

The system of claim 1 , wherein at least some parts of the new objects are produced by at least one of vapor deposit,

molten spray, and 3D printing. 15.

Stretchable sheets comprising a variety of layers and zones and ...
App. - Filed 22 Jun 2012 - Published 20 Dec 2012 - Reuven Melamed - Tamicare Ltd.
The creation of such sheet or fabric is very similar to “3D printing.” Creating nonwoven disposable fabric, by using the

disclosed technology, is in fact 3D printing ...

Surface mapping by optical manipulation of particles in relation ...
Grant - Filed 14 Sep 2007 - Issued 1 May 2012 - Christopher Knutson - Arryx, Inc.
Alternately, components may be made by conventional machining, injection molding, 3D printing, photo-etching or other

techniques. The resulting sheets and a ...

UV and chemical cure blocking dental template
Grant - Filed 18 Dec 2008 - Issued 7 Aug 2012 - Eric Kuo - Align Technology, Inc.
One way of achieving this would be to produce the entire arch with a 3D printer, mask the tooth bodies from the

inter-tooth portions, and invest the tooth bodies ...

Implant pellets and methods for performing bone augmentation and ...
Grant - Filed 8 Jan 2009 - Issued 6 Mar 2012 - Darnell Kaigler, Sr. - Innovative Health Technologies, LLC
For example, conventional 3D printing manufacturing methods (described below) can be used to create fabric-like

patterns and are considered acceptable for ...

Capacitive detector for use in extrusion-based digital ...
Grant - Filed 16 Feb 2010 - Issued 17 Jul 2012 - Thomas P. Paul - Stratasys, Inc.
... manufacturing system commercially available under the trade designation “DIMENSION uPRINT” Personal 3D

Printer from Stratasys, Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn.

Optical system
Grant - Filed 14 Oct 2008 - Issued 19 Jun 2012 - David M. Kane - Areté Associates
41) quickly made on a so-called “3D printer”. Such a “3D printer” device is a variant of a stereo-lithography machine

that extrudes layers of plastic. (Ours uses the ...

Grant - Filed 29 Aug 2008 - Issued 8 May 2012 - Marie Ann McMasters - General Electric Company
These alternative rapid manufacturing methods include, but not limited to, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), 3D printing,

such as by inkj ets and laserj ets, ...

Method for the layered construction of models
Grant - Filed 18 Aug 2011 - Issued 28 Feb 2012 - Rainer Hochsmann
... PUBLICATIONS Cima et al., “Computer-derived Micro structures by 3D Printing: Bioand Structural Materials,” SFF

Symposium, Austin, TX, published 1994.

Methods for changing the shape of a surface of a shape memory ...
Grant - Filed 22 Apr 2011 - Issued 7 Aug 2012 - Audrey A. Sherman - 3M Innovative Properties Company
... Aug 28, 1997, Dec 15, 1998, Optical 3D printer with extended angular coverage ...

Fast Image Enhancement and Three-Dimensional Depth Calculation
App. - Filed 6 Jun 2011 - Published 23 Aug 2012 - Gene A. Grindstaff - Hexagon Technology Center Gmbh
Alternatively, 3D image data may be sent to a 3D printer, e.g. for standalone free-form fabrication of a physical model of

the image data. The present invention ...

Flame trap cartridge, flame arrestor, method of preventing flame ...
App. - Filed 24 Apr 2012 - Published 1 Nov 2012 - Susan BRENNAN
For example, the foam material could be manufactured using Additive Layer Manufacture (ALM), 3D printing, laser

sintering (including direct metal laser ...

Methods of forming sheeting with composite images that float and ...
Grant - Filed 23 Oct 2008 - Issued 7 Feb 2012 - James P. Endle - 3M Innovative Properties Company
... Aug 28, 1997, Dec 15, 1998, Optical 3D printer with extended angular coverage ...

Method for manufacturing a product shell and structure
App. - Filed 23 Oct 2011 - Published 27 Sep 2012 - Shao-Ming Fu - Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
In this embodiment, the 3D glass printing or glass embossing is achieved by 3D printing technology applied to glass, in

which powdered glass and cement ...

Cylindrical roller massage tool
App. - Filed 9 Nov 2010 - Published 6 Dec 2012 - Wendell Hall
... shown embodiment, are spherical in shape and fabricated of viscoelastic polyurethane foam, silicone gel, and the like

using 3D printing, plastic mold injection, ...

Robot fabricator
App. - Filed 22 Jun 2012 - Published 26 Dec 2012 - Annan Michael Mozeika - Raytheon BBN Technologies Corp., iRobot

In traditional 3D printing, designs must still be divided into parts for production ... Traditional 3D printing creates an

object from a base layer, moving upward, and ...

Direct inkjet fabrication of drug delivery devices
App. - Filed 1 Jun 2012 - Published 12 Dec 2012 - Jing Zhou - Xerox Corporation
[0030] Figure 1 is a block diagram of a 3D printer system 100 according to an ... 3D printer system 100 may include, for

example, controller 105, printing ...

Method of fabricating optical ceramics containing compositionally ...
App. - Filed 4 Mar 2011 - Published 6 Sep 2012 - Richard L. Gentilman
1 illustrates the use of 3D printing in methods of the disclosure, according to a ... In some instances, a 3D printer may

perform one or more of these methods to ...

System and method for exchanging a battery of a hearing device
App. - Filed 11 Feb 2010 - Published 19 Dec 2012 - Bruno Gabathuler - Phonak AG
... a rapid prototyping process such as for instance selective laser sintering, stereolithography, photopolymerization, fused

deposition modelling or 3D printing.

Ink providing etch-like effect for printing on ceramic surfaces
Grant - Filed 28 Sep 2006 - Issued 21 Mar 2012 - Gera Eron - Dip Tech. Ltd., Yissum Research Development Company

Of The Hebrewuniversity Of Jerusalem
By random algorithm it also controls the shape (tops and lows) of the 3D printing to eliminate repetitive pattern of the

printing and therefore control the light ...

Electrochemical cells comprising porous structures comprising sulfur
App. - Filed 24 Aug 2010 - Published 4 Jul 2012 - D. John Affinito - Sion Power Corporation
3D printing is known to those of ordinary skill in the art, and refers to a process ... 3D printing can be used with a variety

of materials, including metals, polymers, ...

Methods and systems for manufacturing a structure having organized ...
Grant - Filed 10 Dec 2007 - Issued 17 Jan 2012 - Charles R. Owens
AM technology utilizing 3D printing may also be used Which brings the potential for production of intermediate and

finished fabrics according to the present ...

Imaging assembly
App. - Filed 2 Jul 2010 - Published 16 May 2012 - Omar Ahsan - 3D Systems, Inc.
7,261,542 describes a 3D printer system which does not require high ... [004] In 3D printing involving sintering, the

elevated temperatures required make ...

Rapid production of customized masks
App. - Filed 21 Oct 2009 - Published 29 Aug 2012 - E. Phillip Mark - Abio, Inc.
The first was 3D Printing (3DP), developed at MIT and licensed to Soligen Corporation, Extrude Hone, and others. The

ZCorp 3D printer, produced by Z ...

Direct inkjet fabrication of drug delivery devices
App. - Filed 9 Jun 2011 - Published 13 Dec 2012 - Jing Zhou - Xerox Corporation
1 is a block diagram of a 3D printer system 100 according to an exemplary ... 3D printer system 100 may include, for

example, controller 105, printing apparatus ...

Rapid production of customized masks
App. - Filed 21 Oct 2009 - Published 6 Dec 2012 - Phillip E. Mark
The first was 3D Printing (3DP), developed at MIT and licensed to Soligen Corporation, Extrude Hone, and others. The

ZCorp 3D printer, produced by Z ...

Container for an organ
App. - Filed 15 Apr 2011 - Published 17 Oct 2012 - The designation of the inventor has not yet been filed - Universität

3D printing is an additive manufacturing technology where a three dimensional object is created by laying down and

connecting (i.e. gluing) successive layers of ...

Primary particles coated with a chromophoric component
Grant - Filed 4 Mar 2009 - Issued 11 Dec 2012 - Elke Apel - Ivoclar Vivadent Ag
Both stereolithography and increasingly also 3D printing have proved to be important methods for preparing dental

mouldings from oxide-ceramic materials.

Imaging system for immersive surveillance
App. - Filed 3 Apr 2012 - Published 27 Sep 2012 - Mark E. Beattie - The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
... a glass-filled nylon material, formed by a technique called selective laser sintering (SLS), a type of 3D printing. The use

of SLS as a manufacturing technique ...

Curable composition
Grant - Filed 12 Mar 2008 - Issued 18 Jul 2012 - Carole Chapelat - 3D Systems, Inc.
... [3D printing, via laser, or digital UV cure]: the particular compositions described achieve the toughening phase

separation especially involving self-ordering of ...

Microfluidic mixer, method for mixing fluids
App. - Filed 28 Feb 2012 - Published 30 Aug 2012 - Alexandra JOSHI-IMRE - Uchicago Argonne, Llc
... molding, and other 3D fabrication techniques such as 3D printing. The silicon substrate seen in FIG. 7A supports 4

mixing modules, in effect defining a ...

Radiation curable resin composition and rapid three dimensional ...
App. - Filed 19 Jul 2012 - Published 8 Nov 2012 - Marco Marcus Matheus Driessen - Dsm Ip Assets B.V.
... production of three-dimensional shaped articles by means of layerwise imaging methods, such as stereolithography, 3D

printing and Digital Light Processing, ...

High troughput multiwell system for culturing 3D tissue constructs ...
App. - Filed 6 Jul 2010 - Published 11 Jan 2012 - Gustavo Andres Higuera - Universiteit Twente
3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing technology where a three dimensional object is created by successive

layers of material. [0033] Preferably a ...

Method, a system, and a computer program product for processing images
Grant - Filed 25 Feb 2009 - Issued 16 Oct 2012 - Avi MANDELBERG - WaniB
Such moving part may, for example, be a part of a printer 250 of system 200, of a 3D printer, of a material cutting

module, and so forth. According to an ...

Shaded zirconium oxide articles and methods
Grant - Filed 13 Mar 2007 - Issued 15 May 2012 - Ajmal Khan - Ivoclar Vivadent AG
... laser sintering (SLS), electrophoretic deposition(EPD), robocasting, fused deposition modeling (FDM), laminated object

manufacturing (LOM), or 3D printing.

Outlet for a washing installation
App. - Filed 4 Nov 2010 - Published 12 Sep 2012 - José Diogo Domingues dos Santos CORTE REAL - Creaholic SA,

Robert Bosch GmbH
... or "not separable without destroying all or parts of the cartridge". Fabrication "in one piece" can be realised, for

example, by a 3D printing process.

Soluble material and process for three-dimensional modeling
Grant - Filed 9 Jul 2010 - Issued 24 Jul 2012 - William R. Priedeman - Stratasys, Inc.
... FDM® Titan, Stratasys FDM® Vantage, and Stratasys FDM® Maxum; and “Dimension SST 3D Printer”; all available

from Stratasys, Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn.

A system comprising a rapid prototyping device and a material ...
App. - Filed 9 Dec 2010 - Published 13 Jun 2012 - The designation of the inventor has not yet been filed - 3M Innovative

Properties Co.
Therefore the device 100 may be generally referred to as "3D printer". In particular the device 100 is preferably adapted

to build up a mechanically stable ...

Powder for rapid prototyping and associated production method
Grant - Filed 21 Mar 2005 - Issued 20 Nov 2012 - Peter Hesse - Eos Gmbh Electro Optical Systems
... for instance, known under the designations 3D laser sintering, 3D laser melting, or 3D printing. The invention relates in

particular to a powder for use in such a ...

Block copolymers of polycaprolactone and poly (propylene fumarate)
Grant - Filed 18 Nov 2005 - Issued 11 Jan 2012 - L. Bradford Currier - Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And

of two typical copolymer scaffolds (a: copolymer 1; b: copolymer 6) made using solid freeform fabrication (SFF)

technique, i.e., 3D printing and injection molding.

Defining the volumetric dimensions and surface of a compensator
App. - Filed 31 Mar 2011 - Published 4 Oct 2012 - Michael J. Hudson - Axellis Ventures Ltd.
If the compensator is to be produced using 3D printing techniques, the points will ... a 3D printer would be the direction

indicated by the facet normal statement.

Particle image velocimetry suitable for x-ray projection imaging
App. - Filed 16 Sep 2010 - Published 25 Jul 2012 - Stephen Dubsky - Monash University
The sample comprised an optically opaque plastic arterial model, with an average diameter of 950 pm, manufactured

using a 3D-printing technology. The model ...

Methods and systems for modeling a physical object
Grant - Filed 24 Dec 2009 - Issued 4 Sep 2012 - Gurunathan Saravana Kumar - Indian Institute Of Technology Madras
... form techniques selected from the group consisting of 3D printing, fused deposition, stereolithography, selective laser

sintering, and direct material deposition.

Selective deposition modeling methods for improved support-object ...
Grant - Filed 15 Jun 2010 - Issued 27 Nov 2012 - Rajeev Kulkami - 3D Systems, Inc.
Selective deposition modeling, sometimes referred to as 3D printing, is generally described in prior art patents, that

include, but are not limited to, U.S. Pat. Nos.

Optical sheet for graphic image displays
App. - Filed 5 Apr 2012 - Published 11 Oct 2012 - Adel Fawzy Bastawros - Sabic Innovative Plastics Ip B.V.
... microstructures can be constructed using alternative techniques such as successive layer deposition similar to that used

in rapid prototyping and 3D printing, ...

Method for producing a dentist tool
App. - Filed 15 Jun 2012 - Published 25 Oct 2012 - Evelyne JACQUEMYNS - Den-Mat Holdings, Llc
This can be done by any known means such as a CAD/CAM system, rapid prototyping or 3D printing. When multiple

guiding means have been determined, ...

Functional materials with controllable viscosity
App. - Filed 4 Jan 2011 - Published 15 Nov 2012 - Christopher Barner-Kowollik - Evonik Roehm Gmbh
... decrosslinking materials described herein can be found in the area of FDM (fused deposition modelling) or in 3D

printing by ink-jet methods with low-viscosity ...

Method for enforcing a minimum font size
App. - Filed 6 Jun 2011 - Published 4 Jan 2012 - Xiaonong Zhan - Konica Minolta Laboratory U.S.A., Inc.
... a solid ink printer, a plotter, a three-dimensional (3D) printer, etc. The computing device (102) may include a printer

driver (104) and a user application (110).

Patterned sling implant
App. - Filed 9 Dec 2010 - Published 17 Oct 2012 - C. Robert Grant - AMS Research Corporation
The direct extrusion or 3D printing method creates the structure by pushing a thermoplastic above the melting point and

out of a small orifice or nozzle device 54, ...

Image projection system for projecting image on the surface of an ...
App. - Filed 5 Oct 2010 - Published 11 Apr 2012 - The designation of the inventor has not yet been filed - Universität Bern
2 , the image projector 3 or image overlay device comprises a protective housing, e.g. designed and manufactured using

3D printing rapid prototyping. A hand ...

Tooth scaffolds
App. - Filed 17 Jun 2010 - Published 25 Apr 2012 - Jeremy J. Mao - The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of

New York
2 is photographs showing scaffold fabrication using a 3D printing system. (Bioplotter™). Panel A shows the Bioplotter™

used to create the scaffolds; Panel B ...

System and method for designing post and core
App. - Filed 25 Feb 2010 - Published 4 Jan 2012 - Tais Clausen - 3Shape A/S
The final restoration 3D design is then manufactured e.g. using a milling machine, 3D printer, rapid prototyping

manufacturing or other manufacturing equipment.

Issues During 2001

3D Printer Patents
Method and equipment for printing 3-d stereograph
Grant - Filed 29 Jun 1993 - Issued 28 Nov 2001 - Toshiro Akira - Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd.
[0027] In order to improve the finish of 3D photographs, in the 3D printing apparatus of the present invention, shift in the key subject belonging to the principal ...
Grant - Filed 4 Jun 1993 - Issued 25 Jul 2001 - David Brancazio - Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
[0057] Use of spherical powder offers special advantages for 3D printing. Spherical powders are known for producing low cohesive strength powder assemblies ...

Three-dimensional printing techniques
App. - Filed 4 Jun 1993 - Published 16 May 2001 - David Brancazio - Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
[0047] Use of spherical powder offers special advantages for 3D printing. Spherical powders are known for producing low cohesive strength powder assemblies ...

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3D photographic printer using a video monitor for exposure
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... of a 1° highly complex optical and mechanical means as those used in a conventional 3D printer which makes 3D pictures from 2D images recorded on film.

Printing device having an output level compensation function
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Methods for making prosthetic surfaces
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Two stage print cartridge capping technique
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Printhead servicing technique
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Self-cleaning ink jet printer with oscillating septum and ...
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Ink jet printer with wiper blade cleaning mechanism and method of ...
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Ink jet printer with cleaning mechanism having a wiper blade and ...
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Image processing method and apparatus
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DATA a FIG.3E FAX IMAGE DATA b a1 a2 a4 a5 id ...

Method for making a three-dimensional body
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Continuous ink jet print head with fixed position ink gutter ...
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Cleaning mechanism for inkjet print head with fixed gutter
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Binders for cores and molds
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Dynamic holographic video with haptic interaction
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Sheeting with composite image that floats
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