Saturday, April 30, 2016

9 Million Patents - USA - 2016








8. Patent no. 8,000,000 - August 16, 2011
The USPTO issued patent number 8,000,000 to Second Sight Medical Products, Inc., for a visual prosthesis apparatus

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Concept for Mach 24 Jet - Can Fly Between New York and London in 11 Minutes

Charles Bombardier, Canadian inventor, released a concept design last year for the Skreemr, a jet that would be able to fly at Mach 10 . Travelling at 7,673 miles per hour, the 75-seater Skreemr would get from the UK to the east coast the US in around 30 minutes.  But he pointed number of technical problems which no readymade solution.

Joseph Hazeltine, an aerospace engineer at Wyle, which works with NASA among others, provided solutions to some of  these problems, called "long penetration mode" or LPM.

Hence the new concept for Mach 24 was created.

Airbus recently filed for a patent for a supersonic jet that could cut the flight time from London to New York to one hour.




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Sunday, December 27, 2015

December - Engineers Birthdays

28  Linus Torvalds - linux system
KARRY Banks Mullis - Chemistry N W
William Draper Harkins - predicted existence of neutrons

29 Henry Gaston Busignirs - invented HF/DF system
Alexander Parkes - produced plastic first
Charles Goodyear - inventor of vulvanisation process
Charles MACINTOSH - invented rubberized water proof cloth. Patented steel making process

30 RodneyAllen Brookes - Aautonomous robots

John Milnr - Seismograph


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Toyota Motor's remodeled Prius hybrid 2015

Toyota Motor's remodeled Prius hybrid. The car is available for sale in Japan in Decemer 2015. It will be available in other markets in January 2016.

The car is 25% more fuel-efficient than its predecessor.  It is due to  a revamped gasoline engine and a design that reduces air resistance. The company claims mileage of 40.8km per liter of gas

The new Prius prices in Japan range  from 2.42 million to 3.39 million yen ($19,500 to $27,300). In Japan, the sales estimate is  monthly sales of 12,000 units.

SkyDeck, A Bubble-style Window in Air Planes

The company says SkyDeck will transform in-flight entertainment.

Windspeed Technologies, a private aerospace engineering services company, has come out with this new in-flight entertainment.

The company’s website describes SkyDeck as a “semi-external location” that gives passengers a more fuller view of the space around  than they’d get from a regular window seat.