Thursday, November 12, 2015

Diamond Foundry to Manufacture Synthetic Diamonds More Quickly and Cheaply - 2015

The founders of Nanosolar, a large start-up that raised about half a billion dollars in its first six years, began exploring ways to use  their expertise to new technologies.

A group of engineers and scientists, led by R. Martin Roscheisen, a founder of Nanosolar, announced on 11 November 2015  that they had developed an advanced approach to making diamonds, using technology developed using processes used in making silicon chips and solar cells.

The technology will be used  a new company,  Diamond Foundry.  It  claims to have made proprietary breakthroughs  and it will be able to  manufacture high-quality diamonds more quickly and cost-effectively than with existing technologies..

The first synthetic diamonds appeared in the early 1950s.